Kat Khatibi Podcast on Health, Happiness, and Beauty | Top 10 Women's Health Podcast

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Kat Khatibi Podcast on Health, Happiness, and Beauty. Top 10 Women's Health Podcast.
Podcast Topics
PCOS & Hormonal Imbalance
Natural Medicine
Health & Wellness
Herbology & Biohacking
Wholistic Living
Kat Khatibi Podcast on Health, Happiness, and Beauty | Top 10 Women's Health Podcast

Averaging 700-2000 Listens Per Episode


Kat Khatibi Podcast on Health, Happiness, & Beauty | Listen Notes

Pitch Yourself as a Guest to the PODCAST by Completing the Form Below or Sending the Form Details to me at 

TheHealthfulGypsy @ Gmail.com


Examples Of What We DON'T Want
Examples Of What We WANT

Topics I'm Currently Looking to Cover

Red Pill

Modern Dating

Decline of Marriage in Western societies 

Rasing sons in single mother households

Science of Emotions and Relationships
Science of Persuasion
How to change someone’s mind (Influence)

Crohn’s Disease

Herbology and Herbal Medicine

Functional Medicine
Natural Medicine
Carnivore Diet
Traditional Chinese Medicine

Regenerative Farming

Plastic Surgery

Fibrosis and Scar Tissue Removal

Infrared Light Therapy
Prepping/Survival Preparedness 
Psychology (that doesn’t include anything from the Don’t list above)
Reset Vagus Nerve
Heal Parasympathetic Nervous System
Lower Cortisol and Stress
Trauma Therapy 
Anger Management

Make Sure Your Computer and Internet Meet Zencastr Requirements

Form To Pitch Yourself As A Guest

Apply To Be Interviewed on the Podcast
BEFORE COMPLETING THE FORM PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING: Topics include: Psychology, PCOS & Hormonal Imbalances, Natural Medicine, Health and Wellness, Happiness, Biohacking, Beauty, Relationships, Dating, and Wholistic Living. Topics must be geared towards WOMEN. Not interested in topics on Children UNLESS it’s about PSYCHOLOGY and behavior issues. Please only pitch topics that fit within those limits. We welcome medical professionals, therapists, relationship coaches, wholistic and sustainable living professionals, those that may teach us something on the topics we focus on.
By completing this form you agree to have read and understand ALL the descriptions provided above this form concerning what we are and are NOT looking for on the podcast.
Podcast recordings are between 10AM and 2PM Eastern Standard Time Wednesdays and Thursdays
You understand I do not include topics that get into politics (any hatred toward either side will not be tolerated), nothing too polarizing, no topics on violence, crime, body image, serious addiction, no motivational speaking, no sex as a main topic, no non-evidence-based mindset topics, no biographical, and have the right to edit out anything that I feel isn’t a good fit for the audience.
You understand I am looking for guests who may TEACH something, not talk about their life story or products (YES, you will be allowed to promote at the end of the interview). Be sure to include some things you will teach our audience. Example: How to recognize a cheater, how to set up a meal plain, how to set boundaries, how to lower testosterone, etc. If your answers will be “you have to book a session” you’re probably not the right fit.
Interview will be both audio and VIDEO. Must be technologically savvy. I use Zencastr and you will need a mic, webcam, and headphones on your computer and know how to allow access to your mic audio settings. A separate microphone is a must as wearable mics or those attached to headphones rustle on clothing and sometimes this make the audio file useless.
Please see that your computer and Internet connection meet all requirements for Zencastr: https://support.zencastr.com/en/articles/5018334-system-requirements
You understand I am NOT looking for inspirational personal stories
Will Your Number Be Long Distance? (Are you outside of the USA?) If you are long distance the interview may only be conducted via Zencastr.
Please Confirm You Are NOT Pitching a Biographical Topic
Please Confirm You Are NOT Pitching a Topic Based Only On Your Product or Service.
Episodes are recorded 1-2 months prior to being released
If you’re a good fit for the podcast I will need a Hi Resolution Headshot, which you may send when I send the scheduling link. Shoulders up at least 700×700 pixels
*By being on the podcast you agree to share promotional clips of your episode on your social media (fb, Instagram, Tic Tok, Twitter).
By completing this form you understand if you are NOT A FIT for this podcast, you will NOT be given a reply. We get too many applications per day that are about self promotion without teaching any specific topic. Topics must be clear and specific. Please do not take this personally. We have a very specific format of TEACH and GIVE VALUE upfront before you mention any product or service.
After you complete this form, it will take up to 4 weeks during the busiest times a year for me to respond.

We have almost booked all dates for the remainder of 2022. Please complete the form and I will email those chosen for the podcast to schedule a date in 2023 at the end of this year, if all dates are booked when you apply. If I have reached out to you specifically, I will try to accommodate asap.

Frequently Asked Questions

NO, in order to avoid confusion as well as have the link lost in emails.  I send the link the day before or the day of the interview.  

I do not use a digital calendar, therefore I am unable to send you a link.  I prefer pen and paper.  Once you are scheduled, rest assured you are in my physical calendar.  

Due to the enormous requests I receive, I am unable to reply to all requests.  Over 90% of all applicants fail to read what I am NOT looking for above the application form.  This causes a lot of people to apply who are not a good fit for the podcast. 

Another common reason is not having a clear and concise topic and questions that can easily cover an hour long interview at minimum.   

If it would be hard to come up with one clear title topic for your episode, please work on creating a more concise topic and reapply when ready.  

Other than the above reasons, it may still take me a few months to replay during holidays and breaks.  

I appreciate your patience as this is a solo podcast.  

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