If you have any issues with Zencastr, please fully review this page for insights.  And also acknowledge that at any moment these requirements may change, therefore you would need to search directly on the Zencastr website.

Zencastr Requirements and Troubleshooting

Podcast is AUDIO and VIDEO!

 In the event your internet is too slow we might be able to do audio only, but please check Zencastr requirements below.

Operating System Requirements for Zencastr

Mac OS 10.14 or higher

Windows 10

Linux, current version

Computer Specs

10GB+ of free hard drive space

8GB+ of RAM

Web Browser

Up-to-date version of Brave

Up-to-date version of Google Chrome

Up-to-date version of Microsoft Edge

Open Zencastr in a regular window or tab, not in incognito mode or private mode

It will be impossible to recover your files from the local backups if the incognito window is closed. Therefore, it is not recommended.

Internet Connection

At least 5 Mbps, preferably 10 Mbps+

Run a speed test. Upload or download speeds under 5 Mbps could cause connection and/or upload issues. Upload and download speeds of 10 Mbps or more are recommended for the best experience.

At this time, Zencastr doesn’t support mobile devices.

Other Zencastr Troubleshooting

+Please close all other tabs, programs, or anything that may be running in the background

+Make sure your recording environment is noise-free. Close your door, turn off fans, silence your cell phones, no speakerphone, do not use the mic from your computer or laptop, or one that may rub against clothing.  Be mindful of noisy jewelry.  

+Close any computer programs and additional windows, or tabs you are not using.

+Check the microphone settings on Zencastr to ensure you’re using the correct mic as well as your sound setting on the computer itself.

+If the sound and video settings are not working properly, simply set everything then close the page and open it back up again and that should fix it.

+Grab a set of headphones or earbuds to ensure your audio is clean, and we can properly hear each other.

+Should anything go wrong while recording on Zencastr you may call or text me.

+After we finish the interview we have to wait a few minutes while it downloads. Once the download completes you may close the page safely.

+There might be a slight lag during the recording, so we just have to do our best not to speak over each other. 🙂

+Can’t hear your mic? Ensure that the preferred input and output device is selected in the operating system preferences. Then just use the ‘Default’ option in Zencastr. You may need to completely close and reopen the Zencastr tab for the operating system setting changes to take effect.

+Error Accessing Microphone or Webcam or any other issues? | Zencastr Help Center

For the Most Up to Date Zencastr Requirements: