Obesity and Hormones with Dr. Avishkar Sabharwal

Obesity and Hormones with Dr. Avishkar Sabharwal

Learn about how hormonal imbalances play a major roll in obesity, especially for women.


1.  The myth of calories in/ calories out
2.  Is the propensity to become obese genetic or is it purely a lifestyle disease?
3.  What are the role of hormones in obesity?
4.  Diseases that can lead to obesity
5.  PCOS and Estrogen Dominance
6.  Diets and obesity
7.  Intermitted fasting and obesity
8.  Carnivore diet
9.  Food order and weight loss
10.  Food diaries
11.  Exercise and obesity
  • and so much more!
Dr. Avishkar Sabharwal, has trained in Internal Medicine both in India and the US, and is board certified in Obesity Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine. His focus area has always been lifestyle diseases, such as obesity.

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