Change Your Mindset Change Your Life with Lisa Conto

Change Your Mindset Change Your Life with Lisa Conto

Learn how you are able to change your mindset and change your life in today’s episode.

It’s not just your basic think good thoughts for a second here and there. There is so much more to it than that. Lisa is here to be out guide to grabbing happiness and success by rewiring our mind.


  1. What does a transformational coach do?  
  2. How would you assess someone’s mindset?
  3. How can we create our own destiny using only our thoughts?
  4. How can we explain how bad things happen to innocent people and still believe in the Law of Attraction?
  5. How does your belief system sabotage you from manifesting what you want or being happy?
  • and so much more!
Lisa Conto is a transformational coach, mindset magician, and mystical manifester. She helps women manifest their dream life and business into existence.

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