Empaths, Accepting Death, and Your Spiritual Gifts with Mela Borawski Kat Khatibi Podcast

Empaths, Accepting Death, and Your Spiritual Gifts with Mela Borawski

A beautiful conversation on protecting yourself as an empath, accepting death, and learning to accept and use your spiritual gifts.  If you have ever walked into a room and just felt the tension without saying a word, you are an Empath.  Mela will gives you great tips to protect yourself and energy.  Death eventually comes for us all, let’s deal with our impending death now.  You’ll hear beautiful stories in the episode that will make you rethink if death is as scary as our culture has made us feel.   We will talk about spiritual gifts and intuition.  Finally, we’ll touch on past life regression and hypnotherapy.  This is a lovely episode and there is so much you’ll take away.  


  1. How to know if you’re an Empath
  2. Are introverts more likely to be empaths?
  3. What are some key skills you  need to live as a resilient empath?
  4. How do Empaths avoid getting drained by others?
  5. Why are people so afraid of DEATH?
  6. Common near DEATH experiences
  7. The difference between pain and suffering
  8. Overcoming your fear of DEATH
  9. What are spiritual gifts?
  10. What are some spiritual gifts?
  11. Does everyone have intuition?
  12. As a hypnotherapist, are some people just not able to be hypnotized?  
  • and so much more!

Our Guest

Rev. Pamela “Mela” Borawski Cht, is an empathic intuitive psychic, spiritual guide, energetic healer, celebrant, and certified hypnotherapist who focuses on healing the mind, body and spirit. 

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