If you’re not already on board with the zero waste and plastic free movement, check out our last post and podcast episode HERE.  Going zero waste and plastic free is so important to vastly limit your exposures to toxins and lower your impact on our declining environment.  

Going Zero Waste & Plastic Free Quick Start Guide

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Going Zero Waste & Plastic Free Quick Start Guide

Reusable Cotton Pads and Face cloths

Let’s first get out of the way that everyone should be using a toner.  Washing alone won’t get off everything, so toners help double check your face is clean before putting on your evening skincare.  Some of us may even use disposable cotton balls or pads for removing makeup.  I put a little castor oil on a pad and wipe my eye makeup clean.  I leave a little oil on overnight to help my lashes grow.  With these reusable cotton pads, it’s the same ease of use with none of the needless waste.  Used pads go in the bag provided for laundry day.  

Going Zero Waste & Plastic Free Quick Start Guide

Bamboo Toothbrush and Charcoal Floss in a Glass Container

Toothbrushes are given out like candy everywhere.  They are cheap, easy to come by, and treated like junk.  Meanwhile, they are not sustainable, not compostable, and not reusable.  It’s time to break the cycle.  Bamboo brushes do have plastic (nylon) bristles, but still create far less waste than any regular toothbrush or replaceable toothbrush head.  Just be sure to remove the bristles if you want to compose your brush.  

Floss is plastic toxic garbage!  Did you know that conventional floss is coated with teflon and/or BPA.  WHAT!!!??!?!  Yes!  We can’t work so hard on our hormones and still allow daily expose straight into hyper absorbent mucous membranes.  If your gums bleed any amount, that’s direct access.  

Even natural alternatives at Whole Foods come in terribly wasteful plastic containers.  We just don’t need that.  There is a much better way!

While pricey, refills are much cheaper especially in bulk.  Best of all the glass floss container will last a lifetime (unless you drop it).  I prefer the sustainable charcoal floss as it’s seems a bit stronger.  

Going Zero Waste & Plastic Free Quick Start Guide

Washable & Reusable Organic Cotton Unpaper Towels

So we do have a quick dry Turkish hand towel to dry off after washing our hands.  But what about when you’re cleaning nasty messes in the kitchen?  For those we use these washable and reusable organic cotton unpaper towels.  They sit in a cut hedgehog planter I panted at a Color Me Mine.  Easy to grab and use.  There is another container next to it for the used ones.  They get added to the load of whites with lots of bleach for laundry day.  You can also find some on Etsy, if you want to support small sellers.  However, I would stay away from any that are not white and bleach-able for sanitary reasons.  Sure, you cannot hide stains, but that’s less important than being able to sanitize them.  

Going Zero Waste & Plastic Free Quick Start Guide

Fabric Produce and Bulk Food Bags

Those little plastic bags you use at the grocery store to hold your fruits and veggies.  The ones you toss immediately after you get home?  Imagine the waste!  Why? Washable and reusable produce bags are insanely easy to use.  They even had someone on the labels (check before purchasing) called the TARE WEIGHT.  That’s the weight of the bag itself.  All you need to do it alert the checkout person to the TARE WEIGHT on the bag label. They will subtract this from the weight of your items.  BOOM!  

A lot of grocery stores have a bulk food section.  Especially if you have a Whole Foods or local bulk foods market.  

Use the solid fabric bags to fill up with rice, grains, granola, pasta, nuts, seeds, etc.  All your staples easy peasy.  Again remind them to subtract the TARE WEIGHT on the label. 

To step up the zero waste, be sure to bring your own bags.  Insulated reusable bags are the best.  You can also reuse old tote bags.  No need to purchase if you already have something around the house. 

Going Zero Waste & Plastic Free Quick Start Guide
Going Zero Waste & Plastic Free Quick Start Guide

Beeswax Food Wraps

Think of these handy dandies like those toxic plastic press and seals.  Only you are using the warmed and pressure of your own hands to form the wraps to cover dishes with left overs, store cut fruits and veggies, or cover up your lunch.  Rinse will cool water and refresh when needed with jojoba oil.  

Going Zero Waste & Plastic Free Quick Start Guide

Bath & Shower Dry Skin and Body Brush

Please tell me you’re not still rubbing PLASTIC over your skin in the shower.  Oh no!!!  Let’s remedy this and step up your exfoliation at the same time.  

There are so many sustainable, non-toxic, and plastic-free bath and shower tools.  


If you’ve already lowered your plastic waste by using the above products instead, perhaps you’re ready for something more advanced.