If you’ve ever had a surgery, especially abdominal, you’re probably dealing with scar tissue.  More than just unsightly, it can tug and cause discomfort.  Women with hormonal imbalances are more likely to develop heavy scar tissue.

After having a cesarian and liposuction years after, I have a lot of fibrosis scar tissue to break up.  Luckily for you, I’ve tried everything and can give you real advice on what actually has real benefit.  

How to Break Up Scar Tissue After Surgery Or Liposuction

Supplements For Scar Tissue

If you already have the fibrosis scar tissue, no matter how old, this is what you can begin doing to break it up.

Yes, it’s never too late to start!


This supplement will give you a lot of bang for your buck.  The only issue is that it requires a lot of planning on your part and at least 3 months of waiting before you notice any improvements. 

If you don’t take it 3 X daily, increase the time before you see results considerably. 

You will need to take about 6-10 pills 3 times a day with TONS of WATER.  The hard part is you need to take it 2 hours AFTER eating and wait at least 30 minutes before you eat again. See the problem?

Here’s my schedule:

Wake up: Take 6 pills and water

Brunch: 2PM

5PM Take 6 pills and water

Dinner: 6PM

7:30PM Snack (normally I stop all food intake before 8PM)

9:30PM Take 6 pills and water

10PM Bedtime

UPDATED Schedule to include Breakfast (it’s better for hormonal imbalance to eat breakfast):

8AM take 6 pills with lots of water

Lunch 2PM

5PM 6 pills with lots of water

7PM Dinner

8PM Snack and stop eating

9:30PM 6 pills and lots of water

10PM Bedtime


Some people get bruising with as little as 3 pills, so watch out for what YOUR body can handle.  Slowly work your way up and back down if you notice side effects.  As always, contact your medical provider.  

Where to Get High Quality Serrapeptase?

I have a huge problem with unregulated supplements you can get over the counter.  I’m all for the stringently regulated professional supplements.  Especial beware of Amazon where they make replicas of supplements (labels and all) to sell online.  Sometimes at the same price as the real professional supplement.

You may set up an account to order it and any professional supplement safely HERE or HERE with the direct link to just the Serrapeptase I use.

Referral code for 15% off: KAT
Practitioner last name: LITTLE

Keep in mind legal requirements need you to enter your information and create an account to order professional supplements. This is a legal requirement and safety precaution. If there is any issue with a supplement, the manufacturer is able to contact you immediately as well as the practitioner. 
Legal Disclaimer:  Talk to your healthcare provider before ordering or taking any supplements.  You are always free to ask any questions on supplements, but I am not a provider and most importantly I am not YOUR provider.  If you are concerned about interactions or anything my husband does virtual consultations.  But again, you do not have to go through him, just be sure supplements are professional and run through a licensed provider for your safety.  

I highly recommend purchasing the professional version above. Use others at your own risk.


This sounds crazy woo-woo, but castor oil packs have been done forever.  They are relatively easy to make and perfect to do right after you take your Serrapeptase.

You don’t have to do this 3 times a day.  The more you make time to do it, the better.  Shoot for 2-3 times per week.

When will I see improvement?  This is a slow process so do it regularly for at least a year.  These are SO good for so many things!  Especially around  mensuration!  If you have endometriosis make this a lifestyle.  


What you need:

Castor Oil
Heating Pad
Oil T-shirts
Wet Wipes
Plastic Bag
Large Bowl
Some place to lay down comfortably
Something to read or some meditation music (look for Theta wave music on YouTube), an essential oil diffusor and an oil that relaxes you.

Prepare the area with a plastic bag and wet wipes in reach for clean up.  Set up your self care (music, diffusor, etc.) 

Soak the old T-shirts (cut to size of where your scars are) until they are fully saturated.  Then cover the area.

Cover with towels until the oil doesn’t seep through.  Then cover that with the heating pad.

Lay down for an hour while practicing self-care with a book or relaxing music, and a diffusor if possible.  

To remove use wet wipes to clean up any oil residue on your hands and the area.  

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MASSAGERS For Scar Tissue

Getting a massage from a massage therapist is great, but expensive and time consuming.  

It’s best again to use your massager right before or after taking your Serrapeptase.  During this time the enzyme is in your body trying to break up proteins and waste (this is why you don’t eat!).  Help direct it to the specific area by causing some inflammation with the massager.  

You can use cupping and drag it across your scars along with an intense vibrating massager.  This is where Amazon actually comes in handy.  Tons to choose from on there.  

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Fasting For Internal Scar Tissue

Autophagy is the process of self eating. It is a detox process your body undergoes to clean out damaged cells and regenerate new ones. A protein called p62 activates to induce autophagy and is the key to an improved human lifespan over time. 

But for the purpose of this article, all you need to know is it eats scars!  

You can achieve autophagy by extended fasting.  At least 4-5 days are needed.  The first 3 days are just to get your body to the stage of autophagy.  The longer you fast, the better authophagy you will experience.

If you would like to know how to properly fast, what is allowed and not allowed, etc. Please sign up as an Insider here. Once signed up you’ll have access to my Fasting Guide with everything you need to know to safely and properly fast.  

If you would like to do a fast for autophagy, but have a hard time with longer fasts, consider Prolon, which may be ordered HERE with sign up.  Prolon is a fasting mimicking diet.  You’ll get carefully portioned and formulated meals that make you feel a little full and like you’re still eating, but give you the benefits of fasting. 

How to Break Up Scar Tissue After Surgery Or Liposuction | Fibrosis

How To Help Prevent Scar Tissue Before a Surgery

First, you’re going to want to do all of the above as soon as physically possible.  Immediately after your surgery use a silicone tape over your surface scar(s).  

Once you’re eating normally, take the Serrapeptase supplements.  Try to eat as little as possible and at least temporarily go on a lower protein diet.  You want your body to go after the scar proteins instead.  

Fasting before a surgery and right after should be done under a doctor’s recommendation and/or supervision.  But in my opinion it should be mandatory, if you’re healthy enough for surgery.  Again, see above information on Prolon, if you want to do a fast, but find it difficult.  

Once your doctor allows begin daily massages.  Progress to high intensity massagers once given the OK, by your doctor.  The sooner the better and remember they will be PAINFUL.  My biggest mistake was not taking the pain so the therapist went lighter on me.  

Go on a lower protein diet and try to stop eating at sun down to allow the most amount of fasting you can tolerate per day.  Fasting during the day isn’t recommended for menstruating women (except occasional weekly fasts using Prolon or other protocols if your stress hormones are NOT high), so fast after an early dinner instead.  You want your digestion to have a good long break to not only heal, but breakup scar tissue with the Sarrapeptase supplements.  

Use castor oil packs as soon as your wounds are fully healed.  

If you have any other recommendations for breaking up scar tissue post op please get to the comments and let us know! 

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Kinesio Tape For Scar Tissue and Fibrosis after Liposuction

Kinesio tape is an inexpensive way to both PREVENT and help TREAT fibrosis folds, dents, and bumps after liposuction.  

Your best bet is to have it done professionally at least once to see how it’s properly done for your situation.

Then you may buy the tape online and repeat it daily.  

The main goal is to pull away the skin from any adhesions or folds.

Some tapes might cause a skin reaction, so it’s trial and error to find that that doesn’t react to your skin.  But to be fair MOST people will have some reaction.  You just need to find one that is tolerable. Do not recommend around breasts or if pregnant.

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Cupping Therapy For Scare Tissue

Cupping is a great tool to incorporate in your daily self massage.  Cupping over time can help break up fibrosis and scar tissue.  

Another non-quick fix.  Cupping takes time and patience. You will need to build up a pain tolerance.

It is best to get it done professionally at least once to notice what pressure you are looking for.  This is where an acupuncturist over any other professional is vital.  

You want it to leave a mark, but not blister.  It’s a balancing act.  Every spot will have a different tolerance. 

Leave on folds and fibrosis sometimes and other times leave on and slowly move the cup around with oil.

Get a lymphatic chart to know which direction to pull the tissue and fluid.  

Spring for a professional set like these.  Leave the fire cupping and stronger machines to a professional.  And don’t bother with cheap silicone cups.  These are just a few bucks more.  

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Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy or ESWT aka Shockwave Therapy is a VERY popular erectile dysfunction machine is amazing to break up scar tissue.

High pressured waves break up scar tissue.  It is considered noninvasive, but that doesn’t mean it is without risks.  If you accidentally do it over bone or in certain areas you could have serious issues.

It is hard to find someone who would even think to do this for fibrosis scars.   I have no idea why this is.  Perhaps it has a patent?  Perhaps it’s an off label type of use.  

Physical Therapists and Chiropractors tend to have these machines.  The high end carefully regulated ones are hard to find.  This machine needs specialized training.  Yes, you may find these machines online.  They may either be too weak, fake, or real professional grade machines.  Know that price for a legitimate machine is in the upper thousands +.

But if you want to risk it, here are some.  Use at your own risk.  Just don’t waste your money on the even cheaper ones.

Pictures broken, but links work!

Corticosteroid Injections for Fibrosis Tissue and Scar Tissue

If the scar tissue area is SMALL, I would suggest this.  

For larger areas I don’t believe it is worth the risk.  It may cause extreme skin discoloration, tissue death, etc.  

Not to mention, if you need a large amount the effects of the corticosteroid itself.  Just the side effects would be a no for more people.  

If we were talking a keloid then sure.  

But this is all my opinion.  See this case for example.  I do not believe any of the treatments were beneficial in her case at all.

Scar Revision Surgery for Fibrosis Tissue

If you just want that quick fix with the highest chance for results, this is your only option.  However you do NOT want anyone who doesn’t specialize in scar tissue and fibrosis revision.  

If they even suggest more lipo, RUN!

Ask for before and afters.  Expect to pay way more for the revision than the surgery that caused the issue.  

If you did lip only, you may need a full tummy tuck with scar removal.  If it’s minor you might get away with laparoscopic surgery for fibrosis.  This is all severity and location specific.  

Newest Treatments To Consider For Scar Tissue

PDO Threads

While I have not found anyone locally to do it, I have heard of PDO Threads being used to stimulate collagen and elastin.  It works AMAZING on my face for anti-again.  I’m going to do a post on them and my experience with my face soon.  You have to know all the details or you’ll be disappointed.  It a lot.  

There are various types of threads, but for the sake of time, I’m lumping them all in this category.  

Radio Frequency Microneedling

Different from just plain Radio Frequency.  The needles penetrate down into the first few layers of the skin.

Radio Frequency should NEVER be done without proper training.  It can actually over a long period of time reduce fat.  Not clean like you’re hoping, but you might get puckering or hallow spots.  Not cute.  You want to avoid areas you don’t want volume loss.  Most over the counter RF devices are pretty low level, but you can buy more professional ones online on ebay and so forth which is where most untrained people can get into problems.  But that is a rare complication.

That being said I have seen it combined with microneedling and really showing wonderful results for lipo scar tissue.  You are looking at a few sets of treatments and this is still very expensive.  You really have no way of knowing what grade of machine is being used on you or what settings they are using.  

Chances are the cheap providers will have knock off questionable machines and a decent plastic surgeon office would have the high end better quality machines.  

Now I’m all for DIY when ever possible, but when this goes wrong it goes really wrong.  Then again when it goes right, it’s an amazing difference.  Just wanted to let you know about it for your research.  

I would only say to try this as a LAST RESORT before considering scar tissue removal surgery!  As some people report great results and others either nothing or worsening.  Again this could be machine quality.  

DON'Ts For Breaking Up Scar Tissue

Radio Frequency Treatment

Never do radio frequency treatments over the area!  It does NOT target the fibrosis tissue, only fat cells.  It will NOT help and is very common for plastic surgeons and massage clinics to do post surgery.  Just say no!

Cavitation Treatment

Same as above.  Very popular but NOT for fibrosis tissue.  Lots will say otherwise and waste your time and money.  

Laser Therapy

This is highly unlikely to work. Only in very few or perhaps mild cases.  Save your money for other treatments.

Don’t Fall For Before and After’s

Unfortunately, a lot of massage therapists and surgeons will claim magical results.  For serious fibrosis and scar tissues, massage alone won’t be enough.

Some questionable machines will also claim this.   

How do they do it?

They have the patient stand and won’t allow them to contract their stomach (the most common area of concern).  This easily hides problem areas.

On top of that they will try and take after photos immediately after a machine or massage while your stomach is still SWOLLEN.  The swelling may take days to go down before you find no result.

Please be kind and leave reviews if a provider has done this to you.  Let other be saved from the expense and lies.    

Machines Used Improperly

Look up the machine model and find the patent!  This will show you that 99% of the time even if the machine does work, it was used improperly. 

Not enough time over the area or without a hard enough or spot specific massage immediately after.  The machine might have worked, but because the therapist wasn’t trained or the surgeon doesn’t want to loose money by having long treatments, it was a waste of YOUR money and time.

And of course, they will want that freshly swollen “after” photo to get more victims. 

Final Thoughts on Your Scar Tissue Journey

Know that you are not alone.  Millions of women and men everywhere are suffering.  

I’m starting a Patreon account to help support my site and the podcast.  But the Patreon is also where I can speak freely and uncensored.  There are things I have tried on myself that I don’t want to publicly share irresponsibly.  You are free to ask anything and I’m more free to share within that safe space.