How to Get Healthy Strong Hair and Choose a Curly Hair Routine with Rhonda Marshall

How to Get Healthy Strong Hair and Choose a Curly Hair Routine with Rhonda Marshall

How to Get Healthy Strong Hair and Choose a Curly Hair Routine with Rhonda Marshall. 
If your hair is looking dull, fried, or won’t hold a curl it’s time to think about hair health.  Hair health is the key to having luscious locks.  In this episode we dive into what your hair needs to look it’s best and how to properly take care of it.  Your skincare routine has 15 steps, but your hair game isn’t hacking it.  We’ll get into how to curate the perfect routine to make your hair happy.  


1.  What are the key components to healthy hair?
2.  How important is scalp health?
3.  What are the biggest mistakes people make when taking care of their curls?
4.  How do you transition from damaged or chemically treated hair to curls?
5.  How do you vet your products before spending money?
6.  Should you do oil treatments on your hair?
7.  How do you figure out if your hair needs more protein or moisture, and how to maintain that balance?
Rhonda Marshall is a chemist, educator, Naturalista, and hair expert who is going to be sharing her knowledge with us on how to get healthy strong hair and how to build a regime for curly hair.

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