The Ultimate Guide to Dating With Relationship Coach Victoria Miretti

The Ultimate Guide to Dating With Relationship Coach Victoria Miretti

Join us as we dive into dating and relationships with Coach Victoria Miretti.  How to deal with online dating, what to do when someone ghosts you online dating, and how to have a healthy happy relationship. This is a fun episode with tons of takeaways, crazy dating stories, and great lessons.  If you’re single, dating, or married for years, you’ll still find so much value and fun in this episode.   


  • -How is modern dating different?
  • -What should women NOT put in their dating profiles?
  • -All about ghosting.  Is it a big deal?  Why do people do it?
  • -Breaking the habit of trying to fix a bad relationship
  • -Is he really unavailable or are you codependent?
  • -Dating the same type of guy over and over
  • -Addicted to drama
  • -How to act on a date
  • -What kind of energy to bring on a date
  • -Non negotiables
  • -Shared values
  • -What is fake intimacy?
  • -Rules for texting
  • -Women and communication issues
  • -What are the four horsemen?
  • -Love languages
  • -How to make a relationship better
  • and so much more!
Victoria Miretti is a dating and relationship coach. She is certified as a Dating and Relationship Coach from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). She is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), and Associate Certified Coach (ACC) from the International Coaching Federation. Additionally, she is an accredited Energy Leadership Coach (ELI-MP), a certification which she uses to help clients release unconscious energy blocks. Victoria has spent years studying the research and science behind dating, love, intimacy, sex, relationships, energy, and mindfulness. She shares that with her coaching clients, so they can have the life and love they desire.

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