How to Set Boundaries and Manage Perceptions in Relationships with Mandy Goodwin Caporaletti, Ph.D.

How to Set Boundaries in Relationships with Mandy Goodwin Caporaletti, Ph.D.

How to Set Boundaries

Many people don’t even realize that they need boundaries. Once they do realize they need them, they don’t know how to set them. If they are able to set them, they often don’t know how to enforce them. I can discuss steps to take to make sure good boundaries are set, maintained, and enforced.

How to Manage Perceptions in a Relationship

When our relationship with someone is in a good place, we are more likely to brush off the less desirable things that they do. When we are facing a few bumps in the road, or are feeling stressed, those same behaviors that we could brush off may not seem so negligible anymore. I can discuss how to recognize when people are making unfavorable attributions about their relational partner and to not negatively affect the relationship.

How to Communicate More Assertively

Sometimes people have a hard time saying “no.” Sometimes people have a personal need, but don’t know how to express it to get the results that they want. I can discuss strategies people can use to say what they mean and get results, without fear of being seen as unhelpful or bossy or aggressive.

  • -Why should people set boundaries?
  • -When is the best time to set a new boundary?
  • -If you feel you already have a great relationship as is, do you still need to set boundaries?
  • -What are some examples of common boundaries in relationships that women in particular are less likely to set?
  • -What steps should people take to set boundaries?
  • -How should people enforce their boundaries, and I have always felt that if someone steps over a boundary it needs to be addressed right then and there, not at a later time.  What are your thoughts on that?
  • -What does perception look like in an interpersonal relationship?
  • -What affects the way people perceive their partner’s behaviors?
  • -What is perception-checking and how can it be used to help a person’s relationship?
  • -What is the best way to talk to your partner about misperceptions of each other’s behaviors?
  • -What are the signs that a person is making maladaptive attributions about their partner?
  • -What is the difference between being passive, assertive, and aggressive and can you give us some examples?
  • -Being assertive can be uncomfortable for some people – how can they overcome that discomfort?
  • -What if someone practices assertive communication, but doesn’t get the results they want?
  • -How can someone practice assertive communication without being seen as unhelpful or bossy, and what is the line between being assertive and actually being unreasonable and hard to live with?
  • -How will being assertive in my relationships positively affect how I see myself or my self-concept?
  • -And so much more!

Our Guest Mandy Goodwin Caporaletti, Ph.D.

Mandy Goodwin Caporaletti, PhD, earned her bachelor’s degree in communication from the University of Connecticut and her master’s degree in interpersonal communication from the University of Maine. She has been teaching courses such as interpersonal communication, conflict negotiation, and public speaking as an Associate Teaching Professor at the Pennsylvania State University, where she obtained her doctorate in interpersonal communication, since 2004. Her new book with co-author Alan Garner, Conversationally Speaking, was published in 2021.

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