Jennifer Maynard on Regenerative Farming for Health and Longevity

Jennifer Maynard on Regenerative Farming for Health and Longevity


  • Why is regenerative farming the key to human and planetary health?
  • How is regenerative farming different than most farms?
  • What secrets do some regional diets hold that can help us reduce chronic illness?
  • What are Phytonutrient Rich Foods and why is it important for our health? (this is what some call “eating the rainbow”)
  • How does soil biodiversity and soil health impact human health and how can it heal the planet?
  • What is the importance of diverse fruits, vegetables and healthy fiber in relation to our gut health?
  • How does gut health affect our daily lives and influence everything from our immune system to our mood?
  • How are plants and humans interconnected, how have we lost this connection and what effect does it have on our bodies?
  • What are the Pillars of Longevity and how can they help us take back our health?
  • How can eating foods that were grown in a natural state reduce our healthcare costs and tackle chronic illness?
  • Why do fruits, vegetables, and healthy fibers support a healthy immune system, especially in people over 65?
  • How can we revolutionize the fast food industry to provide people with foods that support a healthier diet and, by extension, a longer life?

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