Destress to Heal Hormones by Balancing the Nervous System with Alison Leitheiser

Destress & Heal Hormones by Balancing the Nervous System

 In this episode we will be talking about destressing to heal hormones and more by balancing your nervous system.


  1. -Why do you think you there are so many people dealing with chronic stress, chronic pains, and there is an epidemic of female hormonal imbalances?
  2. -What effect does the brain have on hormonal health?
  3. -What influence does the brain have on our feelings of well-being?
  4. -What aspect of our environment gives our brain the most information?
  5. -How does the brain play into adrenal fatigue?
  6. -How does “training our brain” make us feel better?
  7. -What are a few things you could teach us to “train our brain”?
  8. -How does this practically show up in your own life? Could you give us some examples?
  9. -Could you give us an example of a visual drill, a vestibular drill, and a proprioceptive drill?
  10. -How does range of motion help us tailor the drills to our own unique nervous systems?
  11. -How can we use range of motion testing to measure the efficacy of things we are already doing in our day?
  12. -What if someone is extremely sensitive?
  13. -Do you believe in the idea that certain traumas are stored in different parts of the body or can make you more prone to different health conditions?
  14. -and so much more!

Our Guest Alison Leitheiser

When Alison Leitheiser was 16 she contracted a virus that went into her spinal cord and caused her to become a quadriplegic.  Unwilling to accept this, she spent two decades learning and healing.  She started her path as an alternative health care practitioner and her own clinic in 2009, where she combines Zhealth, Integrative Manual Therapy, Biophoton Therapy, and more to heal her patients’ health challenges and help them find their way to wellness.   

She loves to share her neurologic approach to helping people connect with feeling better, stress management, hormones, adrenal burnout, pain management, biohacking. 

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