The Fascia and Chronic Pain Connection | Fascia & Chronic Pain: Understanding Chronic Pain, Illness, and Stress with Dr. Kerry McGinn

The Fascia and Chronic Pain Connection

Fascia is composed of firm but flexible collagen, fascia forms a complex system of connective tissue that permeates every corner of your body. Your fascia coats the underside of your skin, muscles, brain, and each and every vein in your body.
In this episode we chat with Dr. Kerry McGinn on the fascia and chronic pain connection.  We’ll also speak on nourishing your nervous system and the healing power of mother nature.  
If you suffer from Chronic Pain, Chronic Illness, or Chronic Stress, this is the episode for you!


1. What does it mean to be in chronic sympathetic state?

2. What are the benefits of being in a parasympathetic state?

3. What role does nervous system health and flexibility play on pain and healing?

4. What is the Polyvagal theory?

5. What kind of movements can stimulate the sympathetic nervous system? What kinds of movements can stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system?

6. What are the benefits of grounding?

7. What is grounding?

8. How do you honor the change of seasons?

9. What are the benefits of spending time outdoors?

10. How can you incorporate Mother Nature into your healing when you live in a city?

11. What is fascia?

12. Can fascia cause pain? why?

13. How can your lifestyle effect your fascia?

14. Is there a link between stress, emotional stress and fascia health?

15. What is the best way to take care of your fascia?

16. And so much more!

Our Guest Dr. Kerry McGinn PT, DPT, RYT

Dr. Kerry McGinn PT, DPT, RYT is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, a 500 hour certified yoga teacher and personal trainer. A healer and mind-body coach. Owner of Live Good, Feel Good, a performance and recovery center that caters to people who live with chronic pain, chronic illness, and chronic stress. She helps woman feel safe & at home in their bodies through movement, mother nature & mindfulness.

Reach Dr. Kerry McGinn

Instagram: @livegood_feelgood_ 
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Nourish Your Nervous System: 6 month course about taking better care of your health on a nervous system level.

City to Summit: Ski Prep: a holistic4 week ski prep program that incorporates time outdoors, strength training, yoga and fascial health.

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