Fasting for High Blood Pressure with Ben Tanner

Fasting for High Blood Pressure with Ben Tanner

We speak with Ben Tanner, PA. on how fasting can help lower high blood pressure.  We get into current high blood pressure treatments and how incorporating fasting can greatly lower your blood pressure.  
  1. -What causes high blood pressure?
  2. -Why do you think high blood pressure is becoming more common?
  3. -Would you explain why high blood pressure and diabetes goes hand-in-hand?
  4. -What are the typical treatments for high blood pressure?
  5. -When you go to your regular doctor what would they give you and how well do these treatments work?
  6. -What are some complications of having high blood pressure?
  7. -What types of problems do we see in the emergency room related to this?
  8. -How does fasting address the root cause of high blood pressure? 
  9. -What other changes happen due to fasting that can help with high blood pressure?
  10. -and so much more!

Our Guest Ben Tanner

Ben has been practicing as a physician assistant (PA, or PA-C) in
emergency medicine, urgent care, and family practice since 2014. Since 2016, he has
developed an avid interest in various forms of fasting, using it to improve his own health while
helping friends, family, and patients do the same.

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