Ayurveda for Weight Loss and Longevity with Sharon Niemi Kat Khatibi Podcast

Ayurveda for Weight Loss and Longevity with Sharon Niemi

Losing weight isn’t always as straight forward as conventional medicine leads us to believe.  It’s a highly individualized process.  Using Ayurveda for weight loss takes into account your individual body types for a more individualized approach.  In this episode we will speak with Sharon Niemi on Ayurveda for weight loss and Longevity.  
Sharon Niemi spent 43 years in Quality Engineering when her health took a nosedive. Regular western medicine told her it was just normal aging, but that didn’t feel right with her. This began her journey into healing with Ayurveda. For 15 years she used the practices she was taught, and gave advice to friends, family, and referrals. Three years ago she finally left the corporate world and founded Your Way Wellness, a company focused on health and healing using Ayurveda.


  1. -What is Ayurveda and why is it such a powerful method of healing?
  2. -What is Ayurveda’s definition of health?
  3. -If Ayurveda is ancient, how can it be applied in a modern world?
  4. -What are the body types Ayurveda recognizes and why is it important to know what your body type is?
  5. -What are some tricks to find your body type and can you be a mix of 2?
  6. -What is the myth the $72Bill weight loss market wants us all to continue to believe?
  7. -How can you lose weight in a way that it doesn’t have a chance to return?
  8. -How is it possible to get younger instead of older as the years keep rolling by?
  9. -Isn’t getting old just normal aging?  What is normal aging?  
  10. -What is the #1 recommendation that will bring health and healing to the body? How does it work?
  11. -What are some herbs that people can incorporate if they have digestive issues?  And what are some signs of digestive issues that people might think are normal?
  12. -What is the difference between how Ayurveda approaches food vs. our old food pyramid, counting calories, or even macros that the fitness people use?
  13. -What is the difference between how Ayurveda approaches food vs. our old food pyramid, counting calories, or even macros that the fitness people use?
  14. -Can you give us an example of a healthy diet and routine for each of the body types?
  15. -And so much more!

Our Guest Sharon Niemi

Sharon Niemi was trained in Ayurveda, 2 years at Rishi Center in Newport, RI and 2 years at Kripalu in Stockbridge, MA. She helps others find their way to health faster by combining modern day Quality Engineering knowledge with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to get to the root cause of wellness issues and find permanent solutions. She has a background in teaching and instruction and enjoys sharing knowledge about natural healing methods.

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Ageless Living program – a 6 week experiential learning and coaching program designed to teach participants how to apply the power of Mother Nature (Ayurveda) to break the grip Father Time has on our aging process.

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