Finally Fix Your Period and Lose Weight with Heather McConochie

How to Optimize Your Period with Simple Nutrition and Lifestyle Changes With Heather McConochie

If you have horrible periods, pms, irregular periods, hormonal acne, or any of the other signs of female hormonal imbalance…this is an episode for you!


  • -Why are so many women suffering from period problems and hormonal imbalances?
  • -What hasn’t the traditional medical community figure out how to properly help women with hormonal imbalances?
  • -Why are nutrition changes so important for PCOS and hormonal imbalances?
  • -What are the mistakes commonly made by women with their nutrition?
  • -How can Food and Macronutrient Tracking help you build awareness around your food?
  • -Why is tracking your cycle so important?
  • -What are the benefits of cycle tracking?
  • -How can you optimize your life during each phase in your cycle?
  • -What is the best way to track your cycle?
  • -What is moon syncing during your period and what role does that play during your cycle?
  • -How to adapt your exercise to your cycle.
  • -What is the best type of exercise for women with PCOS?
  • -Why are HITT and cardio detrimental at times for women with hormonal imbalances?
  • -In situations when you’re drain from your period, should you be forcing yourself to work out?
  • -and much more!

Our Guest Heather McConochie

Heather McConochie is a nutritionist, health and mindset coach & former nurse. She provides coaching to women in order to improved their health & wellness. Her mission is to empower her clients to master nutrition, skyrocket their energy and create body confidence. In today’s episode we’ll be talking about how to optimize your period with simple nutrition and lifestyle changes.

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