Beauty Biohacking Hormonal Acne with Skin Expert René Serbon

Beauty Biohacking Hormonal Acne with Skin Expert René Serbon

René Serbon is an international skin expert. She serves on the board of education for the International Association For Applied Corneotheraphy, which we will learn about little about on this podcast. In this episode we talk skin care, hormonal acne, aging skin, treatments, products, devices, and so much more. So if you want the best skin possible or are one of those Beauty Biohackers, like myself, this is defiantly the episode for you!


  1. What is Corneotherapy?
  2. What are some ingredients you prefer/think work best?
  3. What are some practical ways to repair the skin barrier?
  4. How can we control the outcome of our skin?
  5. How can we get that 30% of the outcome of our skin not in our own hands?
  6. How does your stress relate to skin?
  7. What conditions do you see the most affected by hormones?
  8. Going makeup free and makeup ingredients to avoid.
  9. Lifestyle tips for hormonal acne
  10. What anti-aging ingredients or modalities have you found the most results?
  11. Skincare devices
  12. Favorite skincare products
  13. and so much more!

Our Guest René Serbon

She started her education focusing on business studies in marketing and then moved to aesthetics. She began studying in New Zealand and completed training in Beauty Therapy, which is called Aesthetics in Canada and the US. She also completed training in Electrolysis through the New Zealand Institute of Electrolysis and Beauty Therapy. Serbon sat for international exams and is a Diplomat of CIBTAC and CIDESCO. She completed post-graduate training in Laser, IPL, and the Pastiche Method of Advanced Skin Analysis, for which she was recognized as an honoree as a Pastiche recognized educator. She also serves on the board of education for the International Association For Applied Corneotherapy.

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