Hormonal Imbalances in Women and Bioidentical Hormone Therapy with Dr. Carolyn DeLucia

Hormonal Imbalances in Women and Bioidentical Hormone Therapy with Dr. Carolyn DeLucia

In this episode we will talk about Intimate Health, Hormone Replacement Therapy, and Hormonal imbalances in women.

We also talk about Non classical congenital adrenal hyperplasia and treatments.

This is something I just haven’t heard spoken about much and I wanted to highlight that we go over it in this episode.  So if you have high DHEA, this is MUST LISTEN for you!


  • non-invasive sexual wellness treatments
  • -What is the O-shot? How does it work?
  • A lot of women get hormonal issues and imbalances after being on hormonal birth control pills and are scared of Bio-Identical Hormones. How are they different from the hormones in birth control?
  • Tell us about hormone replacement therapy. Can this be used to treat women with very high hormones? Let’s say they have high testosterone with Estrogen Dominance? Or is HRT for women with low amounts of hormones only?
  • When do women need to start thinking about Bio-Identical Hormones? Should we be waiting until perimenopause, menopause, what’s the best time?
  • What are some ways you would help a patient with Estrogen Dominance or PCOS with high testosterone?
  • -What are your thoughts on those otc wild yam creams to increase Progesterone?
  • -Why is do you feel more and more women have hormonal imbalances than ever before?
  • -A lot of women who listen have Estrogen Dominance tend to eventually get hypothyroidism. Could you go over what Hypothyroidism looks like?
  • -What’s the difference between Hashimoto’s and hypothyroidism?
  • -I’ve heard mixed information on Iodine. Yes, or no for hypothyroidism?
  • -Non classical congenital adrenal hyperplasia
  • -High DHEA
  • and so much more!
Dr. Carolyn DeLucia, MD., FACOG, is a pioneer of non-invasive sexual wellness treatments. A practicing OB/GYN for nearly 30 years and alternative therapy expert since 2014. She is sought after by device manufacturers, and is an expert in the applications of cutting-edge treatments which she offers her New York City and suburban New Jersey patients.

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Online course: Ultimate Intimacy
Dr. DeLucia also wrote an incredible book called “Ultimate Intimacy: The Revolutionary Science of Female Sexual Health

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