I’m writing this out for both of us.  Have you ever wanted to know how to create your own future?  You try, or think you’re trying, but nothing changes?  In this post I will share how to create your future and give you the no-so-secret secret to why nothing you want ever happens. 

Grab a pen and paper.  There is going to be some written work!

How to Create Your Future | + Why Nothing You Want Ever Happens

Why Nothing You Want Ever Happens

The sad truth is that your mind is sabotaging you.  Your mind is made to look for threats.  If failure HURTS you, your mind will remind you of all that could possibly go wrong.  Making sure you won’t have the stamina, confidence, or resilience to succeed.

Your Thoughts create your expectations, your expectations create your future.

Never forget this fundamental truth.  Faith is important to success.  Faith works best for those who are simple-minded.  Believe it will happen and it will.  Do not over think the how or why.

Thinking if something is possible or not is destroying humanity.  Just focus on what you want and it is already possible.

Past experiences are not a judge of what will happen.

Know What You Want

If you do not know what you want, you cannot create it.

Talk to yourself like this:

“I am certain I have a profitable online business that gives value to others and makes me more money than I would ever need.”

Not, “it would be nice if” or “I would like to”.  You know you have it and you have it NOW.

Certainty shapes reality.  You are already certain.

There is no failure

Fear of failure is the worst place to allow your mind to wonder.

For a committed person there is no such thing as failure.

Your Mind Is Your’s To Control

You are not powerless to your thoughts.  They are YOURS.  They come from your mind.  When you let doubt and fear get in the way of your future, it is YOUR DOING.

But if I were to sit here and tell you to control your negative thoughts, all you would have would be negative thoughts.

The correct way to go about changing how your brain works is to give it tasks.


Now you are focusing on the positive.  That’s more like it!

You are falling prey to the thief of joy

Comparison is the thief of joy.  Someone stuck on comparison cannot be joyful.  Someone who cannot be joyful cannot attract anything positive.  Like always attracts like.

A happy person will attract happy people.  A negative person will attract negative people.

Look to your circle.  They are not just random individuals.  They are YOU, energetically.

The better you get along, the truer it is.

Say this to yourself:

“It is not better over there.  It is perfect right here and now. I have everything I could ever want.  More than I could ever need.”

But don’t just say it.  BELIEVE IT.  And most of us, act accordingly.

Here’s an example:

You want a happy committed relationship.  But you are full of fears of the past.  Perhaps you have been cheated on or one of your parents’ cheated.

You want to be the person who has a happy committed relationship, right?

Would that person be staying up all night checking the other person’s phone?  Would that person be feeling insecure?  Would that person be calling to check in to see what the other person is doing all day long?  Would that person automatically be assuming if they are late they did something wrong?

If the happy committed person isn’t and you are now a happy committed person.  Can the two coexist?  Absolutely not.

I have seen it time and again.  The woman let’s say accuses their partner of cheating.  So they create distance in the relationship.  The partner doesn’t feel appreciated because they are not cheating and their partner is accusing them of it for no reason.  So they can no longer confide in their partner, so they find someone else with whom to vent.  That person grows closer to them and ultimately they do end of falling for the other person.

This is how a self-fulfilling prophecy works.

How to Create Your Future | + Why Nothing You Want Ever Happens

Create Your Future

I don’t want you just write it down somewhere and tuck it away.  Don’t do it and forget it!  

You need to focus on it for a long time.  You need to BELIEVE it without doubts.  I want you to visualize it SO HARD you can SEE it AND FEEL it.  Because if you can do that, that’s the moment it not only becomes possible, but possible for YOU.

So how do you begin?  Let’s start with writing down what you want.  Don’t worry about the how.  Just write it down.  

Now sit there, eyes closed and see it, feel it, taste it, experience it.  Feel how it feels like now that you have it.  How does having it make you feel?  How does having it make you think, feel, and act differently?  When you already have what you want, I would expect you to be totally happy and fulfilled.  

Here’s an example.  

Let’s say you want a happy romantic relationship.  Let’s say you want the traditional marriage.  It’s what you want, so let’s get it!

You wouldn’t be worried about them being late, or finding someone else attractive.  You wouldn’t have any energy in that awful negative space.  You probably wouldn’t be worried about them at all.

How would you act?  You would act happy around them.  It would be easy right?  So sit next to them and have conversations that are fun and stress free.  That are deep and inspiring.  Tell them what you want to do, no matter how crazy.  What them hype you up and tell you to go for it.  Watch them tell you how you could totally do that.  

Now look at all the ways they show you they care.  If they notice you rubbing your neck, see them silently massage it.  If they see your eyes light up at a restaurant commercial, hear them tell you about how you both should totally check it out next weekend.  

See them look blankly and pity when their friends complain about their significant other.  They don’t have that experience at all.  They couldn’t even imagine it.  Because they have the best, they have you.  

Do this exercise every night before bed.  Act like you got it.  Feel like you got it.  


See how different this is from writing it down and forgetting it?

As you do or think anything in life make a mental note to ask “is this how the future self I’m creating would react, feel, say, do, etc.?

Instead of WWJD (a thing kids would wear when I was a kid).  Get a bracelet that says “what would my best self do?”.  Then show up as that person.

Fake it until you make it, if you will.  But over time you will see yourself changing.  You might have to let go of old friendships that no longer support the you are growing into.  That’s NORMAL.  Let them go!  

You might no even speak the same.  Your posture might change.  You’ll notice your self not worrying about the small stuff.  Little things won’t bother you.  People with low energy can’t bring you down to their level anymore.  

Yikes.  I might get lonely at first.  But it’s ok.  You’ll build up new friends and they will totally tell you to DO THE THING.  They will mean it too.  

Go out there and get it!