How to Clear the Clutter and Optimize Your Home for Joy with Certified KonMari Consultant, Amy Chinitz Kat Khatibi Podcast

How to Clear the Clutter Once and For All with The KonMari Method - 6 key principles and 5 categories to follow.

Amy Chinitz is a certified KonMari Consultant. In today’s podcast we learn how to clear the clutter once and for all using the KonMari Method by Marie Kondo. You’ll learn the 6 key principles and 5 categories to follow. We will go over how to decide if something sparks enough joy to keep, and how decluttering leads to more calmness and joy. This is a great episode, please enjoy! 


  • -How is the KM Method different from other organizing methods?
  • -What does clutter do to us if we just try to live with it?
  • -If I’m totally overwhelmed by the mess in my house, where do I begin?
  • -How do you deal with the items that no longer spark joy?
  • -What if I’m on board with decluttering but the other folks in my household are not?
  • -Can you do KonMari with kids?
  • -Where can the KM Method be helpful when it comes to matters outside the home?
  • -What can you learn about yourself through tidying?
  • -What can the KM Method teach us about being more mindful when making purchases?
  • -and so much more!

Our Guest Amy Chinitz

How to Clear the Clutter and Optimize Your Home for Joy with Certified KonMari Consultant, Amy Chinitz Amy Chinitz 

Clinical Social Worker, LCSW, MA, MS 

Certified KonMari Consultant 

Founder, Spark Joy New York 

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