How to use Yoni Stones and never pee when you laugh again!  This post is for women who need to tone up their pelvic floor.  Not only is this possible, but you can totally do this.Never Pee When You Laugh Again | How to Use Yoni Stones to Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor Jade Eggs | The Healthful Gypsy | Health and Wellness Blog | Miami Blogger
Yoni eggs, also known as Jade Eggs, or Yoni Stones are used to exercise and strengthen the pelvic floor. “Yoni” is a Sanskrit word for the female genitalia that means “sacred space.” Exercising the pelvic and vaginal floor muscles with polished stone eggs has been around for thousands of years. An ancient Chinese practice taught exclusively to concubines for the emperor, empresses, and some members of the royal circle.  Kegel exercises with a Yoni Egg are said to increase orgasms, reverse a prolapsed uterus, and improve the health of sexual organs.  So if you have had a baby, or pee a little when you laugh, or even just want to keep your pelvic floor in tip-top shape – this post is for you!

Some Benefits of Yoni Eggs Include:

  • Increase libido and awaken your sensuality.
  • Increase natural lubrication, even after menopause. Balance estrogen levels.
  • Practicing with a Yoni Egg not only helps tighten the vaginal walls; it also awakens the tissues, organs, and muscles, promotes new nerve growth, and increases overall sensitivity. This will allow you to experience pleasure you didn’t even know was possible. If you’ve never had a vaginal orgasm before, a diligent practice can change this in many people.
  • Overcome some issues with infertility.
  • Easier childbirth with less tearing of the tissue. If you have already given birth, this practice will help repair damaged nerve endings and speed your body’s recovery.
  • Strengthen your pelvic floor to help with incontinence and prevent prolapse in the future.
  • Gain Control over the vaginal muscles and increase intimacy.
  • Reduced PMS, menstrual cramps and the duration of your menses.
  • Improve overall health and well-being.

Yoni Eggs are NOT recommended for women with the following:

  • who are pregnant
  • have an Intrauterine Device (IUD)
  • are on their period
  • have an infection
  • a preexisting health condition

How To Choose Your Yoni Eggs

It is best to start out with a set of three sizes.  You may move down to the smallest size as your pelvic floor strengthens.  Be sure to properly research the materials used for Jade Eggs which include: nephrite jade, rose, quartz, amethyst, and obsidian. Yoni eggs must be made from naturally occurring, un-dyed and untreated stones.  Watch out for fake Jade like xiujan jade and helu jade, which are associated with asbestos fibers and not a true Jade.  Look for high-quality nephrite jade eggs that come with a certificate of authenticity.

If you are afraid you will not be able to easily remove the Yoni Eggs, you may purchase drilled eggs.  With these are you able to thread a string through them to easily pull them out when needed.

How to Use Yoni Eggs:

Use the largest strong and insert for 1 hour a day week one, then 2 hours a day week two.  And so forth until you reach 5 hours a day during week five.  During use, occasionally do kegel exercise. Continue for 6 months.   Then move on to the middle egg and start wearing it for 5 hours a day for about 6 months until your pelvic floor is strong enough to hold to the smallest egg.

I have found these sources of safe Nephrite Jade Yoni Eggs:


NOT sponsored, NON-affiliate post.  Full disclosure, I have persoanlly never used a Yoni Egg, but I still recommend them after hearing how they have reversed a prolapsed uterus and helped a dear friend stop peeing when she laughs.  Chinese Medicine uses them, and if sourced and used correctly, I believe they are beneficial and safe.  Content from this website and blog are not intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment.  The information provided on this website is intended for general consumer understanding and entertainment only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice.  As health and nutrition research continuously evolves, we do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of any information presented on this website.  I recommend working with a doctor that practices FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE.  If you are near Miami, message me and I’ll be happy to recommend some.