With so much misinformation from your doctor, hormonal imbalance can be frustrating. I made this post to help be the jumping off point to your journey healing naturally. Here’s what to do when newly diagnosed with PCOS.What To Do When Newly Diagnosed With PCOS


When you have a hormonal imbalance and suspect it is PCOS or any other female hormonal imbalance, you must be your own advocate.  We have been conditioned to blindly trust doctors with our health, however, they are not educated properly on hormonal imbalances.  Those that are somewhat knowledgeable, such as an endocrinologist, are not taught natural methods to bring about balance.  They are taught to prescribe pharmaceuticals that come with dangerous side effects and often times do not work or only work for a limited time.

Imagine you have a wound and never let it heal.  Instead, you rub dirt into it daily, but take an antibiotic at the same time.  You’re not likely to die, but you are also not dealing with the real issue.

PCOS is an insulin resistance problem.  Insulin problems are 100% diet based.  At the beginning of insulin resistance, your body has issues regulating the insulin and this can lead to overcompensation such as hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).  Unfortunately, rather than tell you to stop having high glycemic foods and drinks, you are more likely to be told to eat something sweet or eat more often.  Guaranteeing you will constantly be on the insulin spike and fall roller coaster.

Eventually, this will lead to hypoglycemia, insulin resistance pre-diabetes, and finally insulin resistance diabetes.

During this time your PCOS or hormonal imbalance will progress.  You will need to baby your liver to avoid a fatty liver from all the extra work it’s been doing with the insulin on top of detoxing hormones.

This video is a great introduction on how hormones work in a very easy to understand way. This builds the foundation for more in-depth videos. It also touches on male hormonal imbalance.  I recommend this video FIRST when you want to truly understand how male and female hormones work and how they can go out of balance.  She also offers suggestions on fixing various types of imbalances, not only PCOS.

This video explains PCOS in GREAT detail. You will learn the types of PCOS, the wrong treatments, and the correct diet and treatments. You will learn why hormonal birth control makes PCOS worse, and safer suggestions.  If you have PCOS, you must take the time to really watch this video.  It can be technical, but there is no way around it when it comes to empowering you to take charge of your own health.  This video will give you more knowledge than most MDs on PCOS, and allow you to recognize bad and outdated advice.

Creating a Diet for your PCOS

Some options are the ketogenic diet (keto), low carbohydrate with high health fats (LCHF), ketotarian (keto vegetarian), or LCHF vegan.

Whatever diet you choose, I suggest you always eliminate the following:

Processed foods (anything in a box, can, jar, package, or premade)
Sugar/artificial sweeteners (they both spike insulin!)
Inflammatory oils (canola, soy, corn, safflower, peanut, etc.)  Even Olive oil. I would avoid any olive oils not purchased directly from an organic grower as legally in the USA they need only be a small % of real olive oil to be called olive oil.
Inflammatory foods (peanuts, unfermented soy, corn, pasteurized dairy, gluten)
High glycemic index foods
Premade Yogurt
Premade Nut Mylk
Sweet Drinks
Honey of an unknown origin

Sparingly (once a week or less):

Sourdough bread made from scratch (make your own starter without yeast)  Sourdough predigests the gluten a bit making it easier to handle.  However, some of us still cannot tolerate it.  See if you get bloated, break out, or sleepy after consuming.
Coffee.  Unfortunately, coffee can elevate insulin by stimulating the production of cortisol which then stimulates the body to produce glucose, thereby increasing insulin in the blood. The high caffeine in coffee also worsens estrogen dominance. Limit greatly or replace with a lower caffeine green tea.
If you want it, make it! A bad food you are craving made entirely from SCRATCH.  Meaning you substitute healthier fats, replace bread with your own sourdough modification, etc. No jars, no cans.  Every part made from scratch so you can be 100% sure there are no hidden toxins or sweeteners.

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