YOGA, It's So Much More Than Exercise and Poses with Lily Allen-Duenas
Lily Allen-Duenas, Yoga Teacher

YOGA, It's So Much More Than Exercise and Poses with Lily Allen-Duenas

When you think of YOGA, you probably picture someone bending and contorting their body every which way.  Maybe you picture a slim blond sipping a latte toting around her designer yoga mat.  
YOGA is more than just exercise.  Yoga is mindfulness, meditation, movements, ethics, and so much more.  
In today’s episode we chat with expert Yoga instructor Lily Allen-Duenas who takes us through what Yoga really entails.  And yes, it does include some exercise and poses.  


1.  Yoga is not just a physical exercise, what are the other benefits of yoga?
2.  What does Yamas mean and what are the five Yamas of Yoga?
3.  What is a sankalpa and how do you make one?
4.  What are mantras and how do you use one?
5.  Can you do Yoga if you are still and inflexible?
6.  What is Reiki and how does it work?
7.  What are the types of meditations in Yoga?
8.  What is Vipassana  and what happens in a Vipassnas retreat?
  • and so much more!
Lily Allen-Duenas is a Yoga teacher, holistic healer, vegan nutritionist, and meditation instructor.  She is the founder of Wild Yoga Tribe.  She teaches Yoga classes and workshops online and all over the world.  You may also find her meditations on the Insight Timer app for free.  

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