Dr. Mona Fahoum RETURNS to Discuss Sleep with PCOS and Female Hormonal Imbalances

Dr. Mona RETURNS to Discuss Sleep with PCOS and Female Hormonal Imbalances

PCOS and Female Hormonal Imbalances seems to go hand and hand with Sleep issues.  
Today we Dr. Mona Fahoum RETURNS to the podcast to talk all about hormones and sleep.  
Women with PCOS suffer from insomnia in record numbers.  We are also more likely to have trouble staying asleep.  Female hormonal imbalance is a big driver of sleep disturbances.  
We will also talk about PCOS and gut issues.  Digestive issues are another big problem for women with PCOS and hormonal imbalances.  
We also discuss my experience taking Maca Femminessence for 6 months.  Spoiler alert:  it’s what helped me finally have little to no mensural cramps.  It also nearly got rid of my hormonal acne.  But we get more into it in the episode.  I highly recommend it still and I am actually starting again at a new dose Dr. Mona suggested for a few months.  


1.  How do our hormones affect our mood?  Why do some women get bad PMS, PMDD, or Postpartum Depression? 
2.  How do hormones affect our sleep?
3.  Is there a relationship between melatonin and other hormones?
4.  Does melatonin affect other aspects of hormone balance, like PCOS and fertility?
5.  Which melatonin do you recommend?  Synthetic or plant based and what dosing?
6.  Since melatonin is a hormone, do you feel it’s safe for young children to take?  Will it effect other hormones before pubuerty? 
7.  How do we manage to balance and support all the detox pathways?
8.  Is magnesium good to help detox estrogen for those who are estrogen dominant?
9.  Is there anything women taking Spironolactone for acne should do to mitigate the side effects?
10.  PFAS or forever chemicals and dealing with toxic load
  • and so much more!
Dr. Mona Fahoum, ND is a naturopathic practitioner who specializes in women’s health, nutrition, and digestive concerns at her clinic in Seattle, WA.  She is also on the medical team at Symphony Natural Health, the makers of Femmenessence.  Femmenessence is an award-winning natural product clinically proven to balance and regulate hormone production in women.  

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