Despite what you’ve heard, there is no such thing as a universally healthy food.  What is healthy for YOU, maybe inflammatory for another person.  This is why losing weight and finding a diet that makes us feel AMAZING all the time, is frustrating.  Thankfully, your food frustrations are over with Microbiome testing.Confused on what to eat? Ask your Microbiome. Microbiome Testing

New technology is able to identify species and strains of organisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, phages, yeast, mold, etc.) in your gut microbiome.  They can now assess how active these organisms are, analyze the nutrients and toxins being products by them.  This information is then used to recommend the exact foods you should be minimizing with the overall goal of keeping your gut balanced and you free from chronic conditions.

We believe there is no one-size-fits-all diet for your good health. After all, one man’s food is another man’s poison.

Why I Love Viome Microbiome Testing

I love to finally know what’s going on in my gut. Some days I eat and things get CRAZY in there. I’ve tried elimination diets, but so far it’s never been able to pinpoint anything. Even after testing for food sensitivities (I’m sensitive to EVERYTHING) and discovering I have leaky gut, I still felt like I was missing something.

The app is also great.  You get to clearly see what to eat and what to avoid.  It’s amazing stuff because when you’re out and about I can double check what I should order.  It’s also a great kick in the ass for who I’m really eating for, my microbiome.  These little guys are the ones that keep us healthy.  Feed the wrong ones and you’ll feel like hell.

When you purchase Viome Microbiome Testing, you get app access for a year and during that time any updates.  You also gain the ability to retest and renew at a deeply discounted rate.

How Does Viome Microbiome Testing Work?

Viome is the only company with the technology to detect the nutrients and toxins being produced by your microbiome.  In three easy steps, you can be on your way to feeling better, losing weight and having more energy.
Step 1 – Order an easy to use at-home kit to collect samples from you.

Step 2 – They analyze your samples in order to understand what nutrients and toxins are being produced by your gut organisms.

Step 3 – They recommend which foods you need to eat and which foods you need to avoid to help you restore a healthy gut microbiome.

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What do you think about microbiome testing?  Are you excited to see what your little critters really need you to eat?



All opinions are my own.  I have ordered Viome testing out of pocket and recommend it.  The link is an affiliate, which I asked for after loving the test. Try it, it’s awesome.