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Healing PCOS with Leading PCOS Expert Dr Felice Gersh

Learn all about PCOS, the causes, the symptoms, and ways you can treat it naturally with diet and lifestyle.  All from my favorite world leading expert in PCOS!
Years ago I caught a video of a medical seminar with Dr. Gersh on PCOS.  It was the first time I ever saw the condition so completely describe and with a detail treatment protocol.  I literally began my podcast years ago in an attempt to gain an audience to some day get her on to ask my burning questions.  

That day is today! 


  1. What are the types of PCOS and different causes? 
  2. Why is it so hard to get a diagnosis of PCOS?
  3.  Do you have to have fertility issues with PCOS?
  4.  What is the best diet for PCOS?
  5. Can you drink coffee or have dairy?
  6. Is there any benefit to wild yam progesterone creams or Maca?
  7. PCOS and sleep
  8. High DHEA with PCOS
  • and so much more!
Dr. Felice Gersh is a PCOS expert, board certified OBGYN and Integrative Medicine Doctor. She is a globally renowned expert in women’s health and complete disease management.  She is the bestselling author of PCOS SOS and the upcoming sure to be bestseller, PCOS SOS Fertility Fast Track.  

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